There are people that actually have the job of being coffee cuppers and literally wake up and smell the coffee – they also taste it too.  Coffee cupping is a method of tasting coffee to assess its aroma and its flavour.  What a great job, the method has been used for years and expert cuppers can tell the difference in taste and aroma for different coffees from around the world.  The process assists in identifying good coffee from poorer harvests and is crucial in the process of discovering coffee blends.

Coffee cupping can be a great pastime – the best way is to taste a variety of different coffees from different regions and different blends – to begin identifying aromas and flavour.  The whole point of cupping is to describe the coffee.  Some professional cuppers can articulate this very well.  If however you are keen to have a go for fun – try tasting and smelling the coffee and come up with your own description and practice with many coffees from different regions.  Read a textbook but do not follow word for word the definitions – think up your own descriptions for the different coffees and become with a bit of practice a novice coffee cupper.