We are used to seeing coffee wherever we go these days, but the amazing coffee bean starts its life in a very different form.  The coffee bean comes from a species of evergreen plant called the Coffea and actually starts its life as a berry.  The Coffea plant produces flowers, followed by berries that contain the famous coffee bean (or more accurately seed).

The coffee berries are green when unripe changing to yellow as they ripen and then turning deep red and finally black once they are dried.  The coffee bean is inside the berry and each berry can have two beans.  Once the berry is ripe the beans are then extracted and roasted.  It is the roasting process that results in the different flavours of coffee but the region where the coffee has been grown can also affect the flavour and aroma of the brewed cup of coffee.  To experience the differences in coffee taste try a variety of coffee from different regions of the world.