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Coffee is in the Genes
Coffee Drinking linked to a human gene

New research from Dr Neil Caporaso and others suggests that addiction to coffee may be in the genes. The research splits coffee drinkers into two groups; the ‘high consumption’ gene coffee drinkers and the ‘low consumption’ gene coffee drinkers. Caporaso reports that genetics have an immense influence over an individual’s behaviours – resulting in whether a person will be a […]

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Good Coffee – Ethical Production

Coffee is a commodity that is produced in a number of regions in the world – but there are a couple of things to look out for when purchasing coffee if you want to make the ethical choice.  It is becoming popular amongst some coffee drinkers to understand the certification of coffee to ensure that their morning cup of coffee […]

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Burger King Giving Away Free Coffee In The States

That’s a picture of a Burger King joint down in Briggate, in Leeds city centre, taken by James Bell. Burger King in the States are waging a massive war against McDonald’s share of the breakfast business. They’ve bascially started on this massive marketing drive to giveaway free coffee to customers, although it is not known how long this will go […]

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