We have all heard the trendy terms for the size of a cup of coffee – it is wonderful watching people being totally confused by the Grande Coffee – realising it is like a bucket of coffee that will keep you going for days!!  The skinny latte however is considered the healthier choice – it is the same coffee but made with skimmed milk – it does not mean a smaller cup.  This is the conversation overheard in a café recently and made us chuckle.

The name is a little confusing unless you are an avid coffee drinker!  The problem we have is when ordering a skinny latte the gorgeous Danish pastries purchased minimise the healthy option.  Who can resist though?  Coffee is just the perfect drink whether on the way to work, during work or out shopping – a skinny latte is a good option if drinking a lot of coffee – but it is not good to give in to those pastries every time!