What People say about Coffee!

It is quite obvious that many of us nowadays love a cup of good coffee.  There is an abundance of brands, flavours and strengths including gorgeous ‘bean to cup’ coffees, ground coffees and eco-coffees such as Rainforest and Fair Trade.  There is nothing like a cup of coffee first thing in a morning to give you that ‘spring in your […]

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Coffee May Help Reduce Prostrate Cancer

There is a plethora of research available regarding coffee and its benefits, with much suggesting coffee drinkers have reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and there is of course a main theme that coffee has motivational properties too – but now researchers at the National Cancer Institute have released results of a study that concentrated on the health benefits […]

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Coffee can be Green

We are great believers in the ethics that underpin both the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Coffees.  Many people these days are looking at ways to make their life greener and eco-friendly.  It is difficult to in today’s climate to ensure however that the coffee we drink is eco-friendly – but Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance have gone some way to make […]

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More Coffee Drinkers in Britain
Love Sugar or Not

There is a lot of evidence that Britain is a tea drinking nation – in a recent survey by Waitrose the results showed that the British love ‘Builders Tea’ – but commentators have gone on to say that the Brits love their tea in their own homes.  Waitrose also commented that in the home using a teabag is still the […]

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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea
Fairtrade Leaf Tea

Now we are called Coffechino but that by no means we are not huge promoters of tea. Tea drinking is a traditional ceremony, steeped in history and an art to tea making that is compounded with differing ideas.  Making a perfect cup of tea follows a simple process but it is the accessories and order of those processes that are […]

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Coffee is in the Genes
Coffee Drinking linked to a human gene

New research from Dr Neil Caporaso and others suggests that addiction to coffee may be in the genes. The research splits coffee drinkers into two groups; the ‘high consumption’ gene coffee drinkers and the ‘low consumption’ gene coffee drinkers. Caporaso reports that genetics have an immense influence over an individual’s behaviours – resulting in whether a person will be a […]

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Coffee Break – Russell Brand wants a Coffee
Russell Brand

Hot news today is that Russell Brand wanted a coffee break during his red carpet moment with a Sky News reporter at the European Premier of the re-make of the film Arthur. A double espresso was the order of the day – quite refreshing in all sorts of ways to see Russell Brand asking for coffee. All seemed well after […]

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Coffee Prices Soaring

We wrote recently about the price of coffee being at an all-time 13 year high and it was very interesting to read back in January 2011 that Starbucks had purchased its stock of coffee and would not be raising prices during the year.  It seems that was a short lived statement – Starbucks have more recently begun raising their prices […]

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Coffee in the Garden Anyone?

With warmer weather approaching and with spring gardens bursting into life, have you fancied coffee in the garden?  Coffee is extremely versatile for gardening and is a very cheap and sustainable way of increasing nitrogen in the soil for all number of plants and vegetables – all you need are the used grounds of coffee beans.  Thousands of tons of […]

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Coffee – Latte Art

At this time of high competition many coffee outlets are trying something a little different to keep their customers happy.  Coffee, latte art is really taking off – it shows the skill of the Barista (the specially trained employee, responsible for preparing the coffee).  The skill is important as it helps to confirm to customers that the coffee served is […]

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