There is a lot of evidence that Britain is a tea drinking nation – in a recent survey by Waitrose the results showed that the British love ‘Builders Tea’ – but commentators have gone on to say that the Brits love their tea in their own homes.  Waitrose also commented that in the home using a teabag is still the preferred method for tea drinkers to make the ultimate ‘builder’s tea’.  Teabags have been around since the 1950’s and one commentator explained that teabags are an easy way to constantly make a good cuppa as each bag is prepared using the same blends of tea.

Away from the home it is a different story, coffee is headlining when out and about and at work. Many companies are also finding that employees love the excellent coffee from the company coffee maker. So coffee is a very popular drink in the high-street cafes, the boardroom, offices and staff recreation areas.  A number of great coffee makers are available that are increasing the quality of coffee – but one thing is for certain – if coffee is the preferred drink away from the home, competition will remain high for cafés wanting to serve the best.   A good coffee maker is a great investment for encouraging coffee sales and according to the Waitrose survey this is never truer than in Wales where results showed 56% of Welsh people preferred coffee.

Interestingly the Waitrose Survey also found that coffee was more popular within the 45 – 54 years age group.  52% of people in this age group preferred coffee.  One of the most interesting points raised from the survey was to the question about adding sugar to tea or coffee.  In Northern Ireland 75% of those surveyed did not take any sugar in either drink – it was the West Midlands that came out the highest in terms of adding sugar at a whopping 49%.

In light of the benefits of both tea and coffee it remains uncertain why sugar is still added to these drinks.  More and more people refuse sugar but it is quite obvious it does remain popular for some to add a bit of sweetness to tea and coffee.  ‘Have a cup of hot sweet tea’ stems back to a treatment for shock and maybe it is this has caused taking sugar to be passed down by the generations.