With Christmas now very firmly on the doorstep, it is perhaps time to start thinking how we can make coffee just that extra little bit more exciting.
Although throughout the rest of the year, we are in no doubt that coffee is quite simply one of the finest beverages in the world, there’s no reason why we can’t go that extra bit further and get past the chocolate sprinkles this Christmas!

Chocolate dipping sticks

Everybody loves dipping biscuits into their tea, but whoever said that you couldn’t dip foodstuff into your coffee? After all, chocolate coffee is extremely popular wherever you go.
With these beautiful chocolate and marshmallow dippy sticks, you are ensured a colourful and tasty snack with your coffee. Whether you make them for the office or the family, there’s no reason why everyone can’t enjoy them; even if they drink tea.

dipping sticks

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Gingerbread Coffee House

Designed by Not Martha, these wonderfully cute gingerbread houses are designed to sit on the edge of your cup during the Christmas season.

With inspiration coming from 3-D cookies, you too can make these handy little additions to your coffee mug.

If you really fancy getting creative, you can try a great plethora of different sweeties and sprinkles to serve as roofing tiles for you and your loved ones.

gingerbread coffee house

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Candy Cane Coffee

If you really want to indulge in some Christmas sweetness, then there’s nothing quite more festive than Christmas Candy Canes.

Originating from Germany, candy canes have been around since the eighteenth century and there’s nothing quite like celebrating that fact with a good cup of coffee.

If you decide that you don’t want to purchase some store bought canes, you can of course make your own in as little as an hour!

candy cane coffee

Coffee Spices!

As well as great food during the Christmas season, one of the great things that we look forward to is of course the range of beautiful smells we find throughout the whole season. If you so desire, you could of course add a few crushed seasonal spices into your coffee pot; adding not only a great taste to your mug, but too a sprinkle of Christmas spirit.
Perfect of course for ground coffee, a sprinkle of cinnamon sticks, allspice berries and a selection of cloves will go down a treat with family coffee lovers come Christmas day.

coffee spices

Irish Coffee

If you start getting a little tired this Christmas, or even a little fed up of all the fuss, there’s absolutely no reason why you and your fellow man can’t crack out the whiskey bottle and brew yourselves a good hot Irish coffee.

Originating from County Limerick in Ireland over the past 100 years, the drink has become immensely popular all over the world and is one of the most popular drinks during the Christmas period.
Sources also have it that Irish coffee must be made with classic Irish whiskey as it is triple-distilled, therefore giving much smoother taste and is not quite as smoky as scotch.

Irish coffee

Remember however, no matter how you enjoy your coffee this Christmas, it is always nicer to share it with friends and family; the ultimate ingredient to anything in December.