Now we are called Coffechino but that by no means we are not huge promoters of tea. Tea drinking is a traditional ceremony, steeped in history and an art to tea making that is compounded with differing ideas.  Making a perfect cup of tea follows a simple process but it is the accessories and order of those processes that are of vital importance.  Some people can make tea and some seem to be unable to produce a perfect brew.  In a period drama years ago on the TV there was a statement about making tea that has stuck with the team.  The female well to do character says to another not so well to do character ‘you make tea like the milkman – putting the milk in the cup first’.  Is it right or wrong to put the milk in the cup first?

Here at Coffechino we also love our tea, we supply both leaf tea and tea bags; Imporient Freeze Dried Leaf Tea and Imporient Premium Blend Fairtrade Leaf Tea (produced from the best leaves from East Africa gardens) and also PG Tea Bags.  All are suitable for different dispensing machines but for those establishments wanting to recreate a perfect cup of tea, leaf tea is a great option.  The process however has to be followed quite precisely for a good cuppa to be produced.  Firstly, if you want to encourage more tea drinkers to your establishment there will be a need to buy several accessories.  Start with good quality teapots, clay pots tend to be best but ensure that the lid fit snuggly to the main pot.  Now if you are using leaf tea you will need to supply customers with their own tea strainer to stop the tea leaves going into their cup (this is a nice touch).  Look for cups that will appeal to different types of customer – tea remember is a traditional ceremony for many – some may like a traditional tea cup but there may be others that would prefer a mug of tea (but that does not mean they want a terrible cup of tea).  The cup should keep the tea hot and therefore have a narrow lip rather than a wide circumference at the lip – this makes the drink cooler, quicker (only pleasant for customers needing a quick stop or if you prefer faster turnover of customer).  Finally always provide customers with a small jug of milk – It is fair to say ‘do not make tea like the milkman and put the milk in first’.

Once you are prepared with the tea making accessories follow these simple steps and you will not go far wrong.  They may seem to some people like ‘teaching their grandmother to suck eggs’ but you will be surprised.  A lot of younger people have never made tea in a tea pot and in some countries such as the US tea making is really hit and miss.

1.       Only use boiling water

2.       Put a small amount of boiling water in the teapot first to warm it, swill it round then discard

3.       Put the measured amount of leaf tea into the pot and fill with boiling water (remember to re-boil the water if it has been stood for even a short time).  This is the key to making a good cuppa – only pour boiling water onto the tea leaf.

4.       Quickly place the lid on the pot making sure it fits snuggly

5.       Now prepare the tray – put the cup / mug / cup and saucer, a small jug of milk and importantly the tea strainer onto the tray – remember the tea-pot which by now has already began to brew.

6.       Watch your customers enjoy a great cup of tea and ultimately watch them come back again

Hope it all helps – for those tea experts out there, we would love to hear your tips and for those working in establishments that serve tea or are thinking about serving traditional cups of tea for the first time – follow the steps and make sure all staff are trained in the art of tea making.