Coffee is a commodity that is produced in a number of regions in the world – but there are a couple of things to look out for when purchasing coffee if you want to make the ethical choice.  It is becoming popular amongst some coffee drinkers to understand the certification of coffee to ensure that their morning cup of coffee is a conscious decision based on their ethical beliefs.  If you love coffee and want to ensure that your choice helps to protect the rights of the coffee workers communities including environmentally friendly growing and production procedures, consider coffees that a certified by the Rainforest Alliance.  The more well-known Fairtrade Coffee is also a good choice as you can be certain that the coffee workers are getting a good deal for their families and communities.

Fairtrade Chocolate also certifies a fair deal for the Cocoa farmers, so on your next visit to a café or for the next bulk order for your restaurant or workplace – if you want to make the ethical decision make Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade coffee or chocolate your conscious choice.