There is a plethora of research available regarding coffee and its benefits, with much suggesting coffee drinkers have reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and there is of course a main theme that coffee has motivational properties too – but now researchers at the National Cancer Institute have released results of a study that concentrated on the health benefits for men that drank coffee.  The study monitored almost 50,000 men that drank coffee in large quantities – that is six or more cups per day.  The findings indicated that men who drank six cups of coffee or more per day could be reducing their risk of prostate cancer.  The research concluded that drinking more coffee could reduce the risk of prostate cancer by around 60%.  Even men that drank less than 6 cups per day, according to the research had a reduced risk of up to 30% of any form of prostate cancer.

Why this astounding research is very interesting is because researchers have suggested that they believe there is a property in coffee that is responsible for the reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.  Caffeine – we hear you shout – but it is not the caffeine as the reduction of risk of prostate cancer was evident in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee drinkers.  The reduction in risk has been linked to the antioxidant properties in coffee and coffee’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties that remain beneficial across the lifespan.   The benefits do not seem to be affected by lifestyle choices either.  Smokers, those who exercise and differing body weights of participants in the study all showed the same results – coffee helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

There are a number of precursors that can increase the risk of prostate cancer including alcohol and diet and the cancer is quite prevalent in the UK.  The findings regarding the properties of coffee are extremely positive – but as with any research it will be necessary to wait for further tests to check its reliability and validity – but in the meantime we are going to continue drinking our coffee and hope that the medical profession will be able to identify the exact properties in coffee that reduces the risk of prostate cancer and maybe, just maybe find a preventative medication or a remarkable cure – that was there all the time in our ‘cup of coffee’.