At this time of high competition many coffee outlets are trying something a little different to keep their customers happy.  Coffee, latte art is really taking off – it shows the skill of the Barista (the specially trained employee, responsible for preparing the coffee).  The skill is important as it helps to confirm to customers that the coffee served is of a consistent quality and importantly served beautifully to customers.  It is a known fact that the eyes and nose are very important when people eat and drink – beautifully presented coffee that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye can help keep customers returning.

Barista training for employees is a great way for coffee outlets and cafes to stay ahead in the ever increasing competitive market – we offer free Barista training with the sale of any Espresso Machine and can include latte art in the training plan.  Coffechino can provide training at customer’s premises or alternatively arrange an event at our training room facilities.  Coffee, latte art is exciting too, customers love it and tend to comment when their luxury coffee purchase looks and tastes good.  It is interesting just serving a coffee with a shamrock or a leaf design impresses – there are other latte art creations too.  If you have been served a latte with an unusual decorative design we would love to hear about it.

Latte art got us thinking about coffee as an artistic medium too.  One of the team’s children had a recent homework project to create an ancient scroll.  Being from a coffee background – it was decided to coffee stain the white paper – it looked brilliant.  A small amount of instant coffee was diluted in a drop of water then using a cloth, spread across both sides of the paper.  After making sure it was dry (couple of hours) it was then ready to be printed with the scroll inscription – tied with red ribbon it was extremely authentic.  Coffee art there is no limit.

Coffee Cup Art is also a magnificent way to see coffee influencing the world of art.  Back in December 2010 coffee cups were used as a medium to create a giant image of the Mona Lisa.  The 20ft creation was produced at The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia.  The creators used different strengths of coffee adding more milk to produce the tones of the Mona Lisa.  It is amazing.  Coffee Art rocks.