With warmer weather approaching and with spring gardens bursting into life, have you fancied coffee in the garden?  Coffee is extremely versatile for gardening and is a very cheap and sustainable way of increasing nitrogen in the soil for all number of plants and vegetables – all you need are the used grounds of coffee beans.  Thousands of tons of used coffee grounds are discarded every day but if you are a keen gardener ask your favourite coffee outlet to save you a bag of the waste grounds.  You can also keep your own coffee bags or coffee grounds from a percolator or cafetiere for use in the garden.

You can use coffee grounds in the garden for all number of things.  They are brilliant if mixed in the compost heap – they increase nitrogen, producing good compost for the garden.  The grounds can also be dug directly into the ground or mixed with house plant soil providing slow release of nitrogen.  Soak coffee grounds in a little water and spray plants – the liquid mix acts as a fertiliser and encourages growth and finally the grounds can be placed around plants to be watered into the soil or can act as a repellent for all number of pests when mixed with egg shells or grapefruit skins.

Some cafes and coffee outlets are already advertising the use of coffee grounds in the garden and are happy to supply their customers with a bag of the damp coffee bean waste.  Café Ritazza was one of the first and even provided an information sheet to describe the uses of coffee grounds in the garden.  Cafedirect the Fairtrade outlet is also providing its customers with the opportunity to collect bags of the waste coffee grounds – this is encouraging sustainable methods for gardening and in line with their sustainable and ethical methods of production is boosting the notion for home growers to use fewer chemicals in the garden, such as chemical pesticides.

Another way coffee is becoming popular in the garden is the growing of coffee plants – in most gardens it would be impossible to grow enough plants to produce enough beans for a cup of coffee, but the plants are extremely attractive and give off a wonderful aroma.  Impress your friends with your gardening know how whilst doing you bit for sustainability.  Go on – have coffee in the garden!