We are great believers in the ethics that underpin both the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Coffees.  Many people these days are looking at ways to make their life greener and eco-friendly.  It is difficult to in today’s climate to ensure however that the coffee we drink is eco-friendly – but Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance have gone some way to make coffee drinking better for the growers and the planet.

There is much talk about how to make coffee drinking more eco-friendly by abolishing the cardboard cup.  In the workplace this is quite simple – for companies that have installed a coffee making machine for staff, ceramic cups can be provided getting rid of millions of plastic or cardboard cups.  Staff using a company coffee maker could always use their own cup too – this can help towards a greener footprint – quite simple when you stop to think.

How about on the way to work – or a coffee stop at a café?  In some major cities, coffee drinkers are using their initiatives.  Coffee is usually served in a cardboard cup when a customer asks for a coffee to go – but when stopping for a coffee it will be served in a ceramic cup.  Here is the clever solution – for that morning coffee stop on the go, ask for it in a ceramic cup or mug and transfer it into your own thermos mug.  Thermos mugs can be purchased quite cheaply; they are not too cumbersome and can be carried with you in a work bag.  Still enjoy a coffee to go – but help reduce the number of cardboard cups by using a thermos mug.

There are lots of great ideas to help make the world a greener place.  We are always keen to hear about your ideas.  We have written previous posts about using fresh coffee waste grounds in the garden and as indoor plant sprays.  Here at Coffechino we are always looking for great coffees for all tastes and promote Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade coffees that are a perfect way to help the growers and environment.

Listed below is a list of some of our favourite coffees for customers to try from the eco-friendly producers.

  • Cafe Nueva Intenso Rainforest Alliance coffee
  • Cafe Nueva Primo Fairtrade Coffee
  • Foresta Rainforest Alliance Coffee Beans
  • Fiera Fairtrade coffee beans

Coffee can be green – it just takes a little conscious thought about how.