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Getting the right ingredients for the perfect cup of coffee

Here at Coffechino we like to provide you with a large range of ingredients for your drinks machines or business, so that you can give the highest quality products to your customers. Our coffee beans are sourced globally to give you the best taste and variety possible.  We have traditional espresso richezza coffee beans, blended with beans from South America […]

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What People say about Coffee!

It is quite obvious that many of us nowadays love a cup of good coffee.  There is an abundance of brands, flavours and strengths including gorgeous ‘bean to cup’ coffees, ground coffees and eco-coffees such as Rainforest and Fair Trade.  There is nothing like a cup of coffee first thing in a morning to give you that ‘spring in your […]

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The Amazing Coffee Bean

We are used to seeing coffee wherever we go these days, but the amazing coffee bean starts its life in a very different form.  The coffee bean comes from a species of evergreen plant called the Coffea and actually starts its life as a berry.  The Coffea plant produces flowers, followed by berries that contain the famous coffee bean (or […]

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