by james w bellThat’s a picture of a Burger King joint down in Briggate, in Leeds city centre, taken by James Bell. Burger King in the States are waging a massive war against McDonald’s share of the breakfast business. They’ve bascially started on this massive marketing drive to giveaway free coffee to customers, although it is not known how long this will go on for. Reports in Business Week said they’ll be giving away the coffee sourced from the Seattle’s Best Coffee franchise -  acquired by Starbucks in 2003.

For those in the know, Seattle’s Best Coffee started of as a small independent artisan coffee roaster and supplier on the beaches of Southern California. Started by fairtrade coffee pioneer, Jim Stewart, the company has been bought and sold via various corporations over the past 35 years. Jim on the other hand, now owns a coffee farm in Costa Rica. Since then, Seattle’s Best Coffee has partnered with Subway, and moved into with Borders Bookstores.