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ESPRESSO You take life and yourself very seriously. You don’t have a lot of time so no messing about with milk, straight on with the job. You are a leader and like to make quick decisions. CAPPUCCINO Young at heart and friendly but motivated. You like the outdoors and go about life with a good sense of humour. IRISH COFFEE […]

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Capsule group with direct pre-infusion chamber for optimal taste and aroma to every cup of espresso. With a capacity that will satisfy the most demanding barista, but still keeping the neat size and convenient features. You can have your Quartz branded with your company name or favourite coffee* Designed to plumbed in or manual water tank operation means the Quartz […]

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Make your Coffee more Festive this Christmas

With Christmas now very firmly on the doorstep, it is perhaps time to start thinking how we can make coffee just that extra little bit more exciting. Although throughout the rest of the year, we are in no doubt that coffee is quite simply one of the finest beverages in the world, there’s no reason why we can’t go that […]

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Coffechino Welcome The Taylors of Harrogate

Here at Coffechino, we are proud to offer our customers a who new range of specialist tea and coffee by one of the most esteemed independent companies in the industry, Taylors of Harrogate. Having being established since 1886 in one of the most picturesque towns in England, it could be said that with a large degree of confidence that Taylors […]

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Top 5 Coffee Cakes You Should Try This Summer

We all enjoy drinking from freshly roasted coffee beans, but have you ever thought about putting them into a cake? Though it may sound a little silly to some people, coffee cakes are renowned all over the world for being some of the tastiest, juicy and simply the most enjoyable cakes around. We have selected the most interesting coffee cake […]

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Some Interesting Facts About Coffee

Coffechino have listed some interesting facts about coffee that every coffee enthusiast would like to know. Amaze yourself!

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Coffee Week Prize Giveaway

Due to the UK coffee week commencing on the 23rd April 2012 we are supporting this by giving away some of our finest ingredients. We shall be giving away our Fiera Fairtrade Coffee Beans 6 x 1kg bags to the lucky prize winner. This coffee is a blend of Tanzanian and South American fairtrade beans roasted to give a rounded […]

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Getting the right ingredients for the perfect cup of coffee

Here at Coffechino we like to provide you with a large range of ingredients for your drinks machines or business, so that you can give the highest quality products to your customers. Our coffee beans are sourced globally to give you the best taste and variety possible.  We have traditional espresso richezza coffee beans, blended with beans from South America […]

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Beautiful Cups and Saucers for the Perfect Espresso

Beautiful Cups and Saucers for the Perfect Espresso For those people that enjoy a carefully made cup of espresso they will know that it is really important to have an authentic cup from which to drink the strong coffee.  Espresso cups are those little coffee cups that can be anything from plain porcelain to more ornate designs.  The cup makes […]

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A Coffee Tamper is an essential Accessory

For all our customers and readers we hope to provide interesting and useful information about all things coffee.  There is a coffee making accessory that is sometimes overlooked by espresso drinkers and it is an accessory that will make all the difference to a strong, ground coffee espresso and that accessory is the coffee Tamper.

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